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About PoetryNJ  | Current Listings | PoetryNJ Submission Guidelines

About PoetryNJ

PoetryNJ, a free Yahoo! Group, is your connection to the literary community and events in the tri-state area. We send out daily emails about poetry and prose readings, workshops, conferences and other literary programs in NJ, NY, Philly & environs.

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PoetryNJ is a free service offered by Murphy Writing and run by Director Peter E. Murphy. For information about our other programs, click here.

Current Listings

Check out the PoetryNJ archive for listings of upcoming events.

PoetryNJ Submission Guidelines

Whether you organize readings or simply want to share info about an event you are part of, PoetryNJ can help get the word out.

  ●  We will publicize events which are sent to us at least two weeks ahead if they are relevant to our audience and meet our formatting standards.
  ●  If your event is less than two weeks away, we will try our best to fit it in but can't guarantee it.

Formatting Standards

Format your events like the following sample and email them to

If there is more than one reader on the program, please list them all.

Podium Poets Presents:

Thursday, January 32 @ 7 PM
Llanberis Pub
30 Swansea Drive
Cardiff, NJ


You may include a brief description of the event, a couple sentences max.

Contact: 555-555-5555 /


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