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What people are saying about our programs

Get Away to Write - Spain Testimonials

"With a book in the works, I wanted to supercharge my creative skills, and listening to Peter Murphy for seven days certainly achieved that. The night before we left, we toasted Peter and lamented leaving one another. I began planning for next year's excursion to Scotland. If you are a writer or want to become one, I invite you to join us."
   ~ Jane Yepez, Cherry Hill, NJ - Adapted from her Huffington Post blog - 2015 International writing retreat participant

“Peter is simply one of the finest writing teachers I have ever encountered. His craft talks were inventive, astute and insightful. His imaginative prompts often inspired startlingly fresh and innovative writing. In short, Peter empowers his students to write, while offering instruction and feedback that allows them to make leaps and bounds in their writing.”
   ~ Patty Paine, Doha, Qatar - Founding editor of Diode Poetry Journal and author of four books - 2015 International writing retreat participant

"If I may take Anne Sexton's line – "Need is not quite belief" – out of context, my writing did need the time, the space and the community provided by Peter Murphy and my fellow writers. I never would have believed the utter extent to which my writing would benefit from this experience. If you ever have the opportunity to study under Peter Murphy, whether it is in New Jersey, Scotland, Spain, or elsewhere, I urge you to attend a Murphy Writing program."
   ~ Heather Lang, Seattle, WA - Adapted from her travel article at The Literary Explorer - 2015 International writing retreat participant

"Everyone was blown away by the beauty and hospitality at L'Avenc. It's going to be hard to top such a location. However, what most struck me again this year (as it did last year in Wales) was not just the excellent workshops, but the spirit of camaraderie among the participants. It's truly impressive, and that camaraderie can be traced back directly to the leadership and example you set."
   ~ Rich Youmans, North Falmouth, MA - Poetry and Short Story - 2015 & 2014 International writing retreat participant

"Amanda's talent for organizing, planning and maintaining a smooth-sailing schedule left me feeling assured that there was nothing to worry about other than focusing all my attention on productive writing in a relaxed and beautiful location. Peter's writing prompts, discussions and group workshops were thought-provoking, encouraging and welcoming. This Getaway was truly a life-rewarding experience. I left not only with amazing new friends but also with a renewed excitement and confidence for my writing."
   ~ Danielle Monzo, Barnegat, NJ - Poetry - 2015 International writing retreat participant

New Hampshire Getaway (Live Free and Write) Testimonials

"The week in NH has changed who I am: changed how I see myself, changed what I will do next, changed where I am going and who is going with me. I see writing differently too. Writing and listening to what others have written connects us, powerfully, core to core. I’m so glad I was at Live Free and Write. If this were a notebook and not an email I would be drawing little hearts in the margins."
  ~ Marjorie, Philadelphia, PA - New Hampshire Getaway Participant

"I went to two Live Free and Write retreats in Sunapee and I know my writing has improved. Good news: the book I’ve been working on has found a publisher and is due out in April. Thanks!"
  ~ Heidi, Norwich, VT - New Hampshire Getaway Participant

"I've never done an overnight writing retreat before and was amazed at how much writing happened just being away from home. The atmosphere was perfect: open, honest, sincere and so encouraging. Definitely worth the money, the drive and the time!"
   ~ Anne, Belmont, MA - New Hampshire Getaway Participant

"Live Free and Write is brilliantly organized. Freedom is offered to just write, talk about writing, think about writing and read others' writing–so refreshing, restorative and encouraging. Amanda is hardworking and delightful. And Peter, how he puts us all at ease, so inclusive and open, such an energetic thinker, an enthusiastic and experienced teacher. He creates an atmosphere of friendliness that makes the whole thing work. Thank you!"
   ~ Jerri, Meyersdale, PA - New Hampshire Getaway Participant

"From the moment we arrived, the tone you set established an extremely supportive environment—enough structure and focus to keep us invested in our work, yet flexible enough to foster creativity and enjoyment. Thank you!"
   ~ Susan, River Edge, NJ - New Hampshire Getaway Participant

Get Away to Write - Scotland Testimonials

"The retreat was all I had hoped it would be. Visiting a different country, meeting new people, and working with Peter Murphy and his impressive faculty has enhanced my writing and offered a very pleasant life experience. I’m bringing back new ideas to the creative writing class I teach."
~ Bobbe, Oceanside, CA - Nonfiction, Blogs and Memoir - 2016 International writing retreat participant

"Peter Murphy truly cares about others’ writing. This shines through in all of his teaching, and in the program as a whole. Amanda Murphy is a brilliant and generous manager, organizer and caretaker of the group. Together they craft a remarkably effective and pleasurable writing/travel experience that works for all levels of writers."
~ Rich, New Paltz, NY - Poetry and Nonfiction - 2016 International writing retreat participant

"This was just the boost I needed to get experimental, take risks and discover more of what’s inside that could become interesting writing. A valuable exploration of perspective and surprise. Thank you!"
~ Ida, Los Angeles, CA - Poetry and Nonfiction - 2016 International writing retreat participant

"As a young writer, I benefitted by being surrounded by writers from all walks of life. I learned so much about myself as a writer while I was here, and I’m excited to bring this experience home with me."
~ Hannah, South Portland, ME - Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction - 2016 International writing retreat participant

"I recommend this program to everyone who loves writing."
~ Beqa, Tbilisi, Georgia - Fiction - 2016 International writing retreat participant

"The program was an overall wonderfully rewarding experience."
~ Ian, Mexico City, Mexico - Poetry - 2016 International writing retreat participant

"Thank you. You did a great job in putting together a week well balanced in writing, workshopping and touring, but what made it really stand out was our involvement with the locals as we became part of the culture and experienced it from the inside."
   ~ Pat, Allendale, NJ - Fiction and Nonfiction - 2013 & 2010 International writing retreat participant

"The fun and engaging prompts encourage writers, and there's a great sense of caring for the individual. Thank you for giving me the excuse/opportunity to write and at the same time visit a part of the world I wouldn't otherwise see."
   ~ Barbara, Summit, NJ - Nonfiction and Poetry - 2013 International writing retreat participant

Shore Thing Testimonials

"Peter Murphy is an inspirational force of nature! He is wonderful at fostering a warm, inviting environment in which writing comes easily. The writing community is blessed to have his leadership and presence."
  ~ Shore Thing Writing Getaway Participant

"I loved this event. Peter offered great insight into the craft of writing in an honest, down-to-earth way. The reading selections were great examples and the prompts were perfectly challenging."
  ~ Farrah, Manahawkin, NJ - Shore Thing Writing Getaway Participant

"I was surprised at how easily the writing came to me in this setting! I really enjoyed the unique writing prompts and the opportunity to share my work with my group."
  ~ Shore Thing Writing Getaway Participant

"I have a tendency to write with the emergency brake on, but your exercises provided me with some wonderful new tools for freeing my imagination. I really appreciate the amount of thought you put into the program."
   ~ Mary, Bala Cynwyd, PA - Shore Thing Writing Getaway Participant

"There is so much positive energy, which creates a welcoming environment–and this is all thanks to Peter and Amanda: two good souls who genuinely care about the participants and disarm any pretense the minute they walk in the door. Thank you, Peter, for inspiring and cultivating a nurturing climate packed with creativity and free imagination."
   ~ Ben, Allentown, PA - Shore Thing Writing Getaway Participant

"Peter, magically, has the ability to sweep away doubts, excuses and the static in my head–until all that is left is the opportunity to write. Another great experience!"
   ~ Joe, Marmora, NJ - Shore Thing Writing Getaway Participant

Ocean View Poetry Getaway Testimonials

"Thanks for your skillfully delivered kicks in the ass. The structure is well designed to help us get out what's inside us. Well worth the money. You really deliver what we need."
~ Dave, Cherry Hill, NJ - Ocean View Poetry Getaway Participant

"This getaway provided an excellent opportunity to write, which I normally don't have in my busy life. Everyone was very supportive and welcoming, the food was superb and the accommodations were beautiful. I loved staying so close to the beach!"
~ Sherrie, Bridgeton, NJ - Ocean View Poetry Getaway Participant

"This was my first time attending and I truly grew. I loved the low-key, relaxed nature and appreciated the thoughtful assignments. Thanks for the great experience."
   ~ Christine, Philadelphia, PA - Ocean View Poetry Getaway Participant

Wales Getaway Testimonials

"Attending was a big deal for me since I'd never been to a writing retreat before. It turned out to be fabulous—the atmosphere was perfect for writing and Peter was an excellent teacher. His lessons were unique and helped uncork my writing, getting me to think and use my writing time wisely. I highly enjoyed the trip and would recommend a Murphy Writing retreat to absolutely anybody, whether a novice or pro."
   ~ Michelle, Huntsville, TX - Poetry -  2012 International writing retreat participant

"The relaxed but well-structured workshop was the key to a superb experience. Peter makes you feel comfortable to write freely, to reflect and to acquaint yourself with your surroundings."
   ~ Maria Luisa, Rose Valley, PA - Fiction and Memoir - 2014 & 2015 International writing retreat participant

"The program was one of the most enjoyable vacations I ever had. The friendships, the creativity, the entire experience of the workshop, guest speakers and excursions amounted to a trip I will never forget. It helped me as a writer, as a potential novelist, and I'll be back."
   ~ Walt, Linwood, NJ - Novel - 2009 & 2013 International writing retreat participant

"I didn't know what I was getting into going to Wales and I don't know what I'm getting into going to New Jersey, but the first was so successful that I'm going for the second."
   ~ Susan, Lincoln, MA - Fiction and Personal Essay - 2014 International writing retreat participant

"The program couldn't have been better. I especially enjoyed the feedback sessions, with their warm atmosphere and an environment of trust which helped us listen to each other, to really hear what the reader was saying and venture a thought or two. Thank you for everything."
   ~ Belinda, Barcelona, Spain - Short Fiction and Memoir - 2012 International writing retreat participant

"I think you, Peter, are one of the best writing teachers around, certainly the best I've ever had, the proliferation of MFA programs notwithstanding. You create a space where writers can REALLY GROW, and my manuscript and I are very happy to have been in it for a week."
   ~ Kate, New York, NY - Memoir - 2010 International writing retreat participant

"At the Getaway, individuals were given a choice of what they want to attend without pressure to do everything. Organic, genuine camaraderies were developed, not forced by 'team building' activities, and I'm still in touch with many of the other participants. It was a unique experience and has surprised in me that need of a catalyst. I'm writing every day now."
   ~ Nicole, Collegeville, PA - Poetry - 2012, 2013 & 2015 International writing retreat participant

"The prompts, special guests and feedback sessions were outstanding. The readings and excursions were provoking. The flexibility to write, share and give feedback (or not) was a safe, comfortable way for intelligent people to risk creativity. The food was good and the care for special diets was appreciated."
   ~ Martha, Colonia, NJ - Poetry - Wales Getaway Participant - 2010 & 2012 International writing retreat participant

Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway Testimonials

"This conference is a gift. It permits a writer to take risks without concern for impressing or competing. It gave me the space to imagine and experiment. This is a community that is generous and encouraging while also being honest. A great relief."
   ~ Amy, Blue Bell, PA - Winter Getaway Participant

"I had a better, more enriching experience at the retreat than in the book-writing group I attended for over a year. Our workshop leader was at the top of the scale, keeping the workshop intensive, genuine, supportive and inspiring."
   ~ Juliet, Philadelphia, PA - Winter Getaway Participant

"Many participants have been attending for years and within a day I realized why: the community is so warm and friendly. Peter is a dream host. The poetry workshops are challenging and rigorous yet lack intimidation. It's a blend that's magic."
   ~ Caits, New York, NY - Winter Getaway Participant

"I have been to 11 Getaways and 17 of the poems I drafted there have been published! Your goofy prompts/ variations/ challenges for the delusional really work. 17 poems I would not have written if not for you, Peter. Thank you for helping me become a poet."
   ~ Pat, Elkton, MD - Winter Getaway Participant

"No single living poet has inspired or encouraged me more than the magical Peter Murphy. Happy NaPoMo Day 30... See you next year!"
   ~ Tammy, Collingswood, NJ - Winter Getaway Participant

Praise for Murphy Writing Email Newsletters

"I have to thank you for your newsletter—last week you sent links to find places to send stuff out for possible publication. I followed them, joining Duotrope, and this week I've had one piece of flash fiction and two poems accepted."
   ~ Judy, Email Subscriber

"Thank you for yesterday's email, Peter. I loved the short DeLillo piece as well as the essay with the heron. I teach a micro prose class, and these are both perfect to use for that. I just wanted to tell you your wisdom is always appreciated when you send it out into the ether of all of us writers!"
   ~ Ethan, Email Subscriber

"This newsletter is by far, the most useful of all the others I receive. The Submission Resources are extremely helpful. I can see why you are a great success. Thank you!"
   ~ Tameca, Email Subscriber

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